Euthydemus II

Silver coin of King Euthydemus II

Euthydemus II (Greek: Εὐθύδημος Β΄) was Graeco-Bactrian king; the son of Demetrius I of Bactria, he became king in the 180s BCE, either after his father's death or as a sub-king to him. The style and rare nickel alloys of his coins associates him closely in time with the king Agathocles but their precise relation remains uncertain. Euthydemus is pictured as a boy on his coins and most likely died very young.

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    Preceded by:
    Demetrius I
    Greco-Bactrian king
    180s BCE
    Succeeded by:
    Greco-Bactrian kings
    Dynastic lineage
    Bactrian domain Expansion into India
    280 BCE Foundation of the Hellenistic city of Ai-Khanoum in Bactria (280 BCE)
    255 BCE Independence of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom from the Seleucid Empire (255 BCE)
    255–239 BCE House of Diodotus. Diodotus I
    239–223 BCE Diodotus II
    230–200 BCE House of Euthydemus. Euthydemus I
    200–180 BCE Demetrius I Pantaleon
    180 BCE Euthydemus II Agathokles
    180–170 BCE Antimachus I Apollodotus I
    170–145 BCE House of Eucratides Eucratides Demetrius II
    145 BCE (Destruction of Ai-Khanoum by the Yuezhi in 145 BCE) (Succession of
    145–140 BCE Plato Eucratides II Indo-Greek kings
    140–130 BCE Heliocles I to the
    130 BCE- Complete occupation of Bactria by the Yuezhi. 1st century CE)
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