Trollenäs Castle

Trollenäs Castle
Trollenäs slott
Eslöv Municipality

Trollenäs Castle
Trollenäs Castle
Coordinates 55°51′57″N 13°14′40″E / 55.8659°N 13.2444°E / 55.8659; 13.2444
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
Built 1559

Trollenäs Castle (Swedish: Trollenäs slott) is a castle in Eslöv Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden. It is known since the 14th century, and has been in the ownership of only two families, Thott and Trolle. The current building goes back to 1559 and was in the late 19th century renovated by architect Ferdinand Meldahl to resemble a French Renaissance castle.

The castle is open to the public, offering facilities for weddings, conferences, dinners, and other festivities. In the park there is a café.

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