Björnstorp Castle

Björnstorp Castle
Björnstorp slott
Lund Municipality

Björnstorp Castle
Björnstorp Castle
Coordinates 55°37′41″N 13°24′24″E / 55.6280°N 13.4066°E / 55.6280; 13.4066
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
Built 1752

Björnstorp Castle (Swedish: Björnstorp slott) is a castle in Lund Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden. It was built in 1752 and reshaped in 1860-1880, with its final appearance set in 1868, by architect Helgo Zettervall.

Björnstorp is mentioned in 1568, when it was granted to Mikkel Pedersen Gönge from the crown. After this, it was owned by various members of the local Danish nobility. In 1725, the estate was acquired by the Swedish countess Christina Piper. At that time only a smaller property, she enlarged it into a manor estate: the present manor building is from 1752. In 1754, the daughter of Christina Piper, Hedvig Maria Sture, sold it to baron Fredrik Gustav Gyllenkrok of Svenstorp, and it has since then been owned by the Gyllenkrok family. Björnstorp was redecorated to its present exterior by Helgo Zettervall in 1868.


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