Bjärsjöholm Castle

Bjärsjöholm Castle
Bjärsjöholm slott
Ystad Municipality

Bjärsjöholm Castle
Bjärsjöholm Castle
Coordinates 55°27′13″N 13°46′39″E / 55.453724°N 13.777390°E / 55.453724; 13.777390
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Yes (Renaissance castle)
Site history
Built 14th century

Bjärsjöholm Castle or Bjersjöholm Castle (Swedish: Bjärsjoholm slott or Bjersjöholm slott) is a Renaissance castle from the 16th century, 3 km northwest of Ystad, Scania, in southern Sweden. Originally consisting of four brick buildings built around a courtyard, the present castle consists of two buildings, with a newer addition close by.

The newer addition on the estate, the Bergsjöholm Castle (Swedish: Bergsjöholm slott), was built in Romantic, German style in 1849-50, on a hill just south of the old castle. It is a three-story building flanked by two square towers. In 1890, one of the Renaissance buildings needed extensive renovations and only the gables could be saved.

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