Trolleholm Castle

Trolleholm Castle
Trolleholms slott
Svalöv Municipality

Trolleholm Castle
Trolleholm Castle
Coordinates 55°54′30″N 13°15′43″E / 55.908333°N 13.261944°E / 55.908333; 13.261944
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
Built 1530s

Trolleholm Castle (Swedish: Trolleholms slott) is a castle in Svalöv Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden. The estate comprises 110 houses and a total of 12300 acres (5000 Hectare). Originally named Kattisnabbe and later Eriksholm, it has been known since 1424, and was a monastic estate in the late Middle Ages.

It belonged to members of the Thott family (1533-1680) and Trolle family (1680-1806). Frederik Trolle (1693-1770) gave it its present name in 1755. During 1806 was the estate by inheritance to the family, who still owns it. The holder of the estate carry the family name Trolle-Bonde.[1]

Trolleholm Castle was chosen by Arrow Games to feature in their Scandinavian Series of jigsaws in the 1960-80s. It's definitely the same castle in their jigsaw as shown in all photos of Trolleholm, yet somehow they managed to rename it 'Trolleheim Castle' and place it in Norway. Given that all searches of Google and Google Maps for 'Trolleheim Castle, Norway' only bring references to the puzzle, this seems to be the only place it could have come from. The Trolleholm Castle used in an online jigsaw puzzle correctly identifies the castle as Swedish and shows the castle in a version which may be put together at the website.[2]

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