Miss USA 2002

Miss USA 2002
Date March 1, 2002
Presenters Deion Sanders, Ali Landry
Entertainment Sara Evans
Venue Genesis Convention Center, Gary, Indiana
Broadcaster CBS
Placements 12
Winner Shauntay Hinton
Washington, D.C. District of Columbia
Congeniality Meredith McCannell
Photogenic Shannon Ford

Miss USA 2002, the 51st Miss USA pageant, was held at Genesis Convention Center in Gary, Indiana on March 1, 2002.[1] The event was won by Shauntay Hinton of the District of Columbia, who was crowned by outgoing queen Kandace Krueger of Texas.

Hinton was the first African-American woman to win the pageant since Chelsi Smith held the title in 1995, and was the first titleholder from Washington, DC since 1964.



Map showing placements by state
Final ResultsContestant
Miss USA 2002
1st Runner-Up
2nd Runner-Up
3rd Runner-Up
4th Runner-Up
Top 12

Special awards

Miss Congeniality
Miss Photogenic
Best in Swimsuit

Final competition scores

State Swimsuit Evening Gown Average
District of Columbia9.249.539.39
South Carolina9.419.249.33
Rhode Island9.129.139.13
New York8.968.948.95

  First Runner-Up
  Second Runner-Up
  Third Runner-Up
  Fourth Runner-Up


The Miss USA 2002 delegates were:

Historical significance

Swimsuit controversy

Controversy erupted over the choice of swimsuits for the swimsuit final competition. Six of the 51 delegates chose an all-red one-piece, while the rest wore a two-piece option. The New York Post reported one contestant, Tarah Marie Peters of California, had points deducted by one judge because of her choice of a one-piece suit, thus eliminating her from the top five contestants. She was the only one of the top twelve who wore the one-piece option.[2]


Ten delegates had previously competed in either the Miss Teen USA or Miss America pageants, including the two Triple Crown winners who had competed in both. One delegate later won a Miss America state title.

Delegates who had previously held a Miss Teen USA state title were:

Delegates who had previously held a Miss America state title or would later win one were:

Delegates who participate in other beauty pageant later are:


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