Miss Arizona USA

For the state pageant affiliated with Miss America, see Miss Arizona.
Miss Arizona USA
Formation 1952
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Phoenix
Miss USA
Official language
Website Official website
Brittany Brannon, Miss Arizona USA 2011
Brittany Bell, Miss Arizona USA 2010 and Miss Guam Universe 2014
Courtney Barnas, Miss Arizona USA 2007
Rachel Massie, Miss Arizona USA 2013

The Miss Arizona USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state Arizona in the Miss USA pageant.

In 2005, the rights to produce the Miss Arizona USA pageant were given to Casting Crown Productions. This company is directed by Britt Boyse, Miss Missouri USA 1995.

Arizona has had a comparatively large number of semi-finalists and placings, but has never won the Miss USA crown in its own right. However, in 1980, Jineane Ford was awarded the title after Shawn Weatherly (who won the original pageant) won the Miss Universe pageant.

Three Miss Arizona USAs were former Miss Arizona Teen USAs and two were former Miss America contestants. The current titleholder is Tommy Lynn Calhoun from Tucson.

Results summary

Placements in Miss USA



Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2017 Tommy Lynn Calhoun Tucson 26
2016 Chelsea Myers Tempe 20 Top 15
2015 Maureen Ann Montagne Chandler 22 Top 15 Previously 1st Runner-Up at Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013
2014 Jordan Wessel Phoenix 20 Top 20
2013 Rachel Massie Glendale 19
2012 Erika Lane Frantzve Scottsdale 23
2011 Brittany Brannon Paradise Valley 22 Top 16 Miss Photogenic Previously Miss Teen America 2007
2010 Brittany Mesa-Bell Chandler 22 Later Miss Guam Universe 2014; and romantically linked to singer Nick Cannon.
2009 Alicia-Monique Blanco Phoenix 22 2nd runner-up
2008 Kimberly Joiner[1] Gilbert 22
2007 Courtney Barnas Mesa 19
2006 Brenna Sakas Chandler 21 Top 15, placed 11th at Miss USA 2006 Previously semi-finalist at Miss Arizona 2004
2005 Mariana Loya Gilbert 26 Previously Miss Washington 1998
2004 Danielle Demski Chandler 22 Top 15, Placed 11th at Miss USA 2004 Previously Miss Arizona Teen USA 1999 (4th at Miss Teen USA 1999), NFL Cheerleader
2003 Nafeesa DeFlorias Phoenix 26
2002 Jennifer Lenz Mesa 25
2001 Tasha Dixon Phoenix 19
2000 Heather Keckler Scottsdale 26 Previously Miss Arizona Teen USA 1992
1999 Cara Jackson Chandler 25 Miss Congeniality Previously Miss Arizona 1995
1998 Stacey Kole Tempe Top 10, Placed 6th at Miss USA 1998
1997 Jessica Nicely Gilbert
1996 Christina Novak
1995 Shara Riggs Oro Valley
1994 Jennifer Tisdale Mesa
1993 Apryl Hettich Scottsdale
1992 Dannis Shephard Mesa Top 11
1991 Maricarroll Verlinde Top 11 Best State Costume
1990 Lezlie Leonard
1989 LeeAnne Locken Apache Junction Top 10
1988 Kris Keim[2] Scottsdale 22 Previously Miss Arizona Teen USA 1983
1987 Diane Martin Phoenix 24 2nd runner-up Previously Miss Arizona 1985, semifinalist in Miss Asia Pacific 1987 as USA rep
1986 Jodi Armstrong Phoenix
1985 Michelle Ducote Tempe 20 Top 10 Best State Costume
1984 Daria Sparling[3] Tucson 19 Best State Costume[4]
1983 Sindy Hedden Tucson
1982 Lori Hakola Tucson
1981 Cassie Hill Phoenix
1980 Jineane Ford Gilbert 20 1st Runner-Up Miss Photogenic Became Miss USA 1980 when Shawn Weatherly became Miss Universe
1979 Ana Rupert Scottsdale Top 12
1978 Jacque Crutchfield Phoenix
1977 Toni Abranovic Scottsdale Top 12 Previously 1st runner-up in the 1974 Miss American Teenager Pageant.
1976 Curvey Walters Phoenix
1975 Sanna Osgood Scottsdale
1974 Carlys Peterson Phoenix Top 12
1973 Sherry Nix Phoenix 3rd runner-up
1972 Marcia Banks Tempe 2nd runner-up
1971 Susanne Pottenger Tempe 3rd runner-up
1970 Alicia Lein Mesa
1969 Ruth Hayes Tempe 3rd runner-up
1968 Shirley Sprague Avondale
1967 Judianne Magnusson Top 15
1966 Roxanne Neeley Top 15
1965 Jane Nelson 1st runner-up Previously Miss New Mexico 1964, top 10 at Miss America 1965, preliminary swimsuit award; Competed in the 1962 Miss Teenage America Pageant
1964 Diane Reutter
1963 Diane McGarry Top 15
1962 Jerri Michaelson Top 15
1961 Shyrle Owens
1960 Virginia Crook
1959 Patricia Varga
1958 Shirlee Fox
1956 Maija Bertulson
1955 Patti Marks
1954 Bonnie Jackson
1953 Eleanor Ruth Cross
1952 Charlene Hendricks Withdrew from competition
1 Age at the time of the Miss Arizona USA pageant


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