Miss Virginia USA

Miss Virginia USA
Formation 1952
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Richmond
Miss USA
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Website Official Website
For the state pageant affiliated with Miss America, see Miss Virginia.
Catherine Muldoon, Miss Virginia USA 2012
Samantha Casey, Miss Virginia USA 2010
Amber Copley, Miss Virginia USA 2006
Kristi Lauren Glakas, Miss Virginia USA 2004
Julie Laipply, Miss Virginia USA 2002

The Miss Virginia USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of Virginia in the Miss USA pageant.

Virginia has been only moderately successful in terms of number of semi-finalists. They have had two Miss USAs. They are one of only three states to have had two Miss USAs in succession (the others being Illinois and Texas). Virginia's greatest success came from the late 1960s to early 1980s. Virginia should have had the first Miss USA crown in 1954, as Ellen Whitehead finished 1st runner-up, and Miss USA 1954, Miriam Stevenson, became Miss Universe 1954. However, there was no rule until the 1960s that the 1st runner-up became Miss USA after the winner won Miss Universe. If that was true, 2nd runner-up, Miss New York USA, Karin Hultman would have become Miss USA 1954, as Ellen was disqualified due to being underage.

Nine Miss Virginia USA winners have previously held the Miss Virginia Teen USA title and competed at Miss Teen USA. Virginia currently holds the record for the most Miss Teen USA state winners to win a Miss USA state title from the same state; it is second to Miss Indiana USA for crowning the most former teens. Two Miss winners have also competed at Miss America.

Results summary



Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2017 Jackie Carrol Stanardsville 22 TBA Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 2010, top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2010
2016 Desiree Williams Newport News 26 Top 10 Previously Miss Virginia 2013 and National Sweetheart 2012
2015 Laura Puleo Lexington 25 Top 15 Sister of Miss North Carolina USA 2004, 1st runner up at Miss North Carolina's Outstanding Teen 2006
2014 Arielle Rosmarino Salem 22 Top 20 Later Miss Virginia World 2015 and 4th runner up at Miss World America 2015
2013 Shannon McAnally Arlington 23
2012 Catherine Muldoon Virginia Beach 26 Previously Miss New York Teen USA 2004 and top 10 finalist at Miss Teen USA 2004
2011 Nikki Poteet Richmond 24
2010 Samantha Casey Jeffersonton 21 2nd runner up Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 2006 and 3rd Runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2006
2009 Maegan Phillips Quantico 22 Top 15
2008 Tori Hall Midlothian 21 Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 2005, top 10 at Miss Teen USA 2005
2007 Lauren Barnette Wise 21 Top 10 Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 2002
2006 Amber Copley Abingdon 20 Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 2003
2005 Jennifer Pitts Richmond 26 Previously Miss Virginia 2002; Contestant at National Sweetheart 2001
2004 Kristi Lauren Glakas Centreville 23 Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 1999, top 10 at Miss Teen USA 1999, Miss Virginia 2005 and 3rd runner-up to Miss America 2006
2003 Meron Mimi Abraham Alexandria 24
2002 Julie Marie Laipply Alexnadria 24 Public speaker
2001 Kristel Jenkins Vinton 23 Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 1995; Current producer & choreographer of the Miss Virginia USA and Miss Virginia Teen USA pageants under her married name, Kristel Jenkins-Wittensoldner[1]
2000 Crystal Marie Jones Virginia Beach
1999 Kellie Lightbourn Vienna 21 Semi-finalist Later Mrs. Florida America 2010 and Top 12 at Mrs. America 2011.[2][3]
1998 Meredith Blankenship Hurley 21 Semi-finalist
1997 Audra Wilks Richmond 24 Miss Photogenic Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 1988
1996 Danielle Connors Forest
1995 Susan Elizabeth Robinson Lynchburg
1994 Patricia Southall Cheasapeake 21 1st runner-up Miss Photogenic & Best in Swimsuit Married to Emmitt Smith
1993 Stephanie Satterfield Virginia Beach Previously Miss Virginia Teen USA 1989
1992 Brandi Bottrof Fairfax 21 Semi-finalist
1991 Traci Dority Fairfax
1990 Evelyn Green Richmond
1989 Kimberly Nicewonder Bristol Miss Congeniality Current director of the Miss Virginia USA and Miss Virginia Teen USA pageants under her married name, Kim Nicewonder-Johnson[4]
1988 Denise Adrain Smith Fairfax
1987 Marsha Ralls Alexandria 24 Semi-finalist
1986 Maureen McDonnell Alexandria Cheerleader for Notre Dame.
1985 Dana Bryant Richmond Miss Teen All American 1984
1984 Leah Rush Leesburg
1983 Tanquil Collins Virginia Beach Model and actress whose credits include Baywatch, carried on an affair with Chuck Robb while he was Governor of Virginia, has appeared in Playboy magazine
1982 Sondra Dee Jones Richmond 24 Semi-finalist Miss Photogenic
1981 Pamela Elizabeth Hutchens Newport News 22 Semi-finalist General District Court Judge in Virginia Beach, Virginia
1980 Kelly Humphrey Hampton
1979 Betsy Ann Bott Falls Church 26 Semi-finalist
1978 Robin Lee Schadle Springfield 22 Semi-finalist
1977 Sheryl Lynn Herring Fairfax 19 4th runner-up actress best known for her role as Lucy Coe on General Hospital
1976 Donna Dixon Alexandria actress best known for her role as Sonny Lumet on the 1980s sitcom Bosom Buddies, 1st runner up at Miss World USA 1977 as Miss District of Columbia
1975 Linda McKee Alexandria 19 Semi-finalist
1974 Hazel Thomas Alexandria
1973 Brenda Childress Richmond
1972 Diane Elizabeth "Dede" Moore Radford
1971 Brenda Joyce Miller Norfolk 20 Semi-finalist Miss Photogenic
1970 Deborah Shelton Norfolk 21 Miss USA 1970 Miss Photogenic 1st runner-up at Miss Universe 1970, 1st runner up at Miss World USA 1968
1969 Wendy Dascomb Danville 19 Miss USA 1969 Semi-finalist at Miss Universe 1969
1968 Laurie Burke McLean 18 Semi-finalist
1967 Elizabeth "Betty" Karen Kallmyer Richmond 18 Miss Photogenic
1966 Beverly Johnson Alexandria
1965 Mary Montgomery Martinsville
1964 Heidi Karen Smith Fort Lee
1963 Did Not Compete
1961 Bonnie Lea Jones Norfolk
1960 Elizabeth "Betty" Noreen Fulford Norfolk
1959 Pat Poindexter Salem
1958 Betty Marsh Lynchburg
1957 Patricia Bush Portsmouth
1956 Audra Stark Virginia Beach
1955 Jeannie Asble Portsmouth
1954 Ellen Whitehead Chatham 1st runner-up (later disqualified for being underage)
1953 Dorothy Lee Bailey Norfolk
1952 Elizabeth Glenn Roanoke

1 Age at the time of the Miss USA pageant


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