Miss USA 2000

Miss USA 2000
Date February 4, 2000
Presenters Carson Daly, Ali Landry, Julie Moran
Venue Grand Palace, Branson, Missouri
Broadcaster CBS
Winner Lynnette Cole
Tennessee Tennessee
Congeniality Michelle Kaplan
Hawaii Hawaii
Photogenic Paige Swenson
Minnesota Minnesota

Miss USA 2000, the 49th Miss USA pageant, was held at The Grand Palace, in Branson, Missouri on February 4, 2000.

At the conclusion of the final competition, Lynnette Cole of Tennessee was crowned by outgoing titleholder Kimberly Pressler of New York.

The pageant was held in Branson for the second and final time, at the 4,000 seat Grand Palace Theatre, and was the last pageant held in February.

Carson Daly hosted the event for the only time, and color commentary was added for the third time by Miss USA 1996 Ali Landry and Julie Moran. Entertainment was provided by Christina Aguilera, Lou Bega, Brian McKnight and Mark Wills.



Map showing placements by state
Final ResultsContestant
Miss USA 2000
1st Runner-Up
2nd Runner-Up
Top 5
Top 10

Special awards

Miss Congeniality
Miss Photogenic
Style Award
Best in Swimsuit

Final competition scores

State Interview Swimsuit Evening Gown AverageFinalists
Tennessee9.81 (1)9.64 (1)9.78 (2)9.74 (1)9.66 (1)
New Hampshire9.58 (2)9.32 (6)9.27 (6)9.39 (5)9.40 (3)
Alabama9.54 (3)9.51 (4)9.93 (1)9.66 (2)9.45 (2)
Kansas9.36 (5)9.53 (2)9.63 (3)9.51 (3)9.36 (4)
Georgia9.29 (6)9.52 (3)9.41 (4)9.40 (4)9.14 (5)
Colorado9.21 (8)9.26 (7)9.33 (5)9.27 (6)
Michigan9.44 (5)9.07 (8)9.24 (8)9.25 (7)
New York9.47 (4)9.06 (9)8.93 (10)9.16(8)
South Carolina8.74 (10)9.39 (5)9.24 (7)9.12 (9)
Iowa9.10 (9)8.95 (10)9.02 (9)9.02 (10)

  First Runner-Up
  Second Runner-Up
  Top 5 Finalist
(#) Ranking in the competition


The Miss USA 2000 delegates were:

Historical significance


Fourteen delegates had previously competed in either the Miss Teen USA, Miss America or Miss World pageants or would later compete in one of them.

Delegate who previously competed at Miss World was:

Delegates who had previously held a Miss Teen USA state title were:

Delegates who had previously held a Miss America state title or would later win one were:

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