Marco Barbarigo

Marco Barbarigo (c. 1413 – August 1486) was the 73rd Doge of Venice from 1485 until 1486.

Barbarigo was elected as Doge of Venice in September 1485 to succeed Doge Giovanni Mocenigo, who was possibly poisoned. Marco died in August 1486, less than a year after becoming Doge, probably in a dispute between nobles. He was succeeded as Doge by Agostino Barbarigo, his brother.

His dogaressa was Lucia Ruzzini (d. 1496), described as a hypochondriac but talented beauty.[1] His brother was Agostino Barbarigo. The two are the namesakes of the Master of the Barbarigo Reliefs, who was responsible for the creation of their tomb.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Giovanni Mocenigo
Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Agostino Barbarigo

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