Galla Gaulo

Galla Lupanio or Gaulo was the fifth traditional Doge of Venice (755756).


He was elected to the throne after deposing and blinding his predecessor, Teodato Ipato.

Galla came to power at a time when there were three clear factions in Venice: the pro-Byzantine faction supported a strong doge and close political relations with the Byzantine Empire; the pro-Frankish party supported moving closer to the new dynasty ruling in Gaul (enemies of Lombard and Greek); and the republican party wished to assert as much independence as possible and to remain outside of any larger power's sphere of influence. Galla was probably pro-Frankish.

He barely survived on the throne for a year before he was deposed, blinded, and exiled as Teodato had been. He is the traditional founder of the Barozzi family.


Political offices
Preceded by
Teodato Ipato
Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Domenico Monegario
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