Paolo Renier

50 Zecchini from the reign of Paolo Renier (1779–89), penultimate Doge of Venice.[1]

Paolo Renier (November 21, 1710 in Venice February 13, 1789 in Venice) was a Venetian statesman, the 119th, and penultimate, Doge of Venice. He was considered a good orator and tactician, and served as ambassador to Constantinople and to Vienna. His election as Doge was unpopular, and he was the subject of numerous menacing letters at the time. Renier was succeeded as Doge by Ludovico Manin, who would be the last Doge of Venice. He married Giustina Dona (d. 1751) in 1733, and Margherita Delmaz (d. 1817) in 1751.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Alvise Giovanni Mocenigo
Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Ludovico Manin

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