Pietro III Candiano

Pietro III Candiano was the Doge of Venice from 942 until 959. He was the son of Pietro II Candiano.


In 948 he led a fleet of 33 galleys to punish the Dalmatian pirates - Narentines - for repeatedly raiding across the Adriatic Sea. After the military attempt failed, he tried again - but the result was a peace treaty that made the Most Serene Republic of Venice pay taxes to the Narentines for safe passage for the next 50 years, until Doge Pietro II Orseolo's actions. His dogaressa was Arcielda Candiano.[1]

His two sons were Doge Pietro IV Candiano (930 - 976) and Domenigo Candiano, Bishop of Torcello. His daughter Elena Candiano and her future husband Gerardo Guoro were the original persons upon whom the English dramatist William Shakespeare based his story Romeo and Juliet.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Pietro Participazio
Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Pietro IV Candiano

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