Teodato Ipato

Teodato Ipato (also Diodato or Deusdedit, Latin: Theodatus Ursus) was the doge of Venice after a brief interregnum following the death of his father, Orso Ipato, in 742. His surname is the Byzantine title hypatos. Teodato moved the capital of the Venetiae from Heraclea to Malamocco.

In 751, the Byzantine exarchate of Ravenna fell to the Lombards and Venice became the last Byzantine holdout in the north of Italy. In that same year, the Franks deposed their last Merovingian monarch, Childeric III, and elected the Carolingian Pepin the Short, a sworn ally of the pope and enemy of the Lombards. Venice became, at that point, a practically independent state. Teodato did not enjoy being at the head of it for long: he was deposed and blinded in 755 by Galla Gaulo, who usurped the ducal throne.


Political offices
Preceded by
Felicius Cornicola
Magister militum per Venetiae
Succeeded by
Iovianus Ceparius
Preceded by
Iohannes Fabricius
Dux Venetiae
Succeeded by
Galla Lupanio
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