Tribuno Memmo

Tribuno Memmo (died 991) was the 25th Doge of Venice who served from 979 to 991.


He was illiterate and according to preserved documents, he signed via signum manus.

He was rich, partly due to marriage to dogaressa Marina Candiano, daughter of the 22nd Doge Pietro IV Candiano. They had a son, Maurizio.

It seems that he had only moved into the Ducal Palace toward the end of his dogeship. It was still in repairs following the fire which occurred during the deposal of Pietro IV Candiano. During his dogeship, St Mark's Basilica became by decree a ducal property, a sort of private chapel in which the ecclesiastical functions were delegated to the primicerius. On 7 June 983, Emperor Otto II renewed the commercial privileges that had already been enjoyed by many previous Doges.

He died in 991 and was succeeded by Pietro II Orseolo.


Political offices
Preceded by
Vitale Candiano
Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Pietro II Orseolo

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