Mandoul Region

Coordinates: 8°54′36″N 17°33′00″E / 8.91000°N 17.55000°E / 8.91000; 17.55000


Map of Chad showing Mandoul.
Country Chad
Departments 3
Sub-prefectures 15
Regional capital Koumra
  Governor Ngaro Amadou Ahidjo (2008)
Population (2009)
  Total 637,086

Mandoul is one of the 22 regions of Chad. Located in the south of the country, it corresponds with part of the former prefecture of Moyen-Chari. The regional capital is Koumra.

The main products are subsistence agriculture and cotton.


The population of Mandoul is 637,086 inhabitants as of 2009.

The main ethnico-linguistics groups are the Sara, the Mbaï, the Nar and the Daï.


The region of Mandoul is divided into three departments:

Department Capital (chef-lieu) Sub-prefectures
Mandoul Occidental Bédjondo Bédjondo, Bébopen, Békamba, Peni
Mandoul Oriental Koumra Koumra, Bessada, Bédaya, Goundi, Ngangara, Mouroum Goulaye
Barh Sara Moïssala Moïssala, Beboro, Bekourou, Bouna, Dembo


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