Ennedi-Est Region


Map of Chad showing the former Ennedi region.
Coordinates: TD 17°39′N 23°9′E / 17.650°N 23.150°E / 17.650; 23.150Coordinates: TD 17°39′N 23°9′E / 17.650°N 23.150°E / 17.650; 23.150
Country Chad
Departments Am-Djarass, Wadi-Hawar
Communes Am-Djarass, Bao, Djouna, Kaoura, Bahaï, Birdouani
Created 2012
Regional capital Am-Djarass
  Governor Hassan Djorobo
Population (2009)
  Total 113,862

Ennedi-Est Region is a region of Chad which was created in 2012 from Ennedi Region.[1] It appears to cover the same territory as the former Ennedi Est Department.[2] The capital of the region is Am-Djarass. The region's current governor is General Hassan Djorobo.[3]


Ennedi-Est Region is divided into two departments:[1]

Department Capital Communes
Am-Djarass Am-Djarass Am-Djarass, Bao, Djouna, Kaoura
Wadi-Hawar Wadi-Hawar Bahaï, Birdouani
Former departments of Chad
The former departments of Chad in 2007. The current Ennedi-Est region has the same borders as the former Ennedi-Est department, located in the northeastern corner of the country.


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