Ouaddaï Region

Coordinates: 13°49′48″N 20°49′58″E / 13.83°N 20.8328°E / 13.83; 20.8328


Map of Chad showing Ouaddaï.
Country Chad
Departments 3
Sub-prefectures 16
Regional capital Abéché
  Governor Général Bichara Issa Djadallah (2012)
Population (2009)
  Total 731,679

Ouaddaï is one of the 22 regions of Chad and its capital is Abéché. It was created in 2002 from the former Ouaddaï Prefecture. Its main ethnic groups are the Arab people and the Maba. The economy is based on subsistence agriculture and breeding.

In 2008, a portion of the Ouaddaï region (the Sila Department and Djourf Al Ahmar Department) was split off to become the new Sila Region (also known as Dar Sila).


The region's population was 731,679 inhabitants in 2009.

The main ethnico-linguistic groups are the Maba and the Arabs.


Since 2008, the region of Ouaddaï is divided in three departments:

Department Capital Sub-prefectures
Abdi Abdi Abdi, Abkar Djombo, Biyeré
Assoungha Adré Adré, Hadjer Hadid, Mabrone, Borota, Molou, Tourane
Ouara Abéché Abéché, Abougoudam, Chokoyan, Bourtaïl, Amleyouna, Gurry, Marfa

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