Mayo-Kebbi Est Region

Coordinates: 10°16′N 15°22′E / 10.267°N 15.367°E / 10.267; 15.367

Mayo-Kebbi Est

Map of Chad showing Mayo-Kebbi Est.
Country Chad
Departments 4
Sub-prefectures 18
Regional capital Bongor
  Governor Ngarboudjoum Jacob Medeur (2009)
Population (2009)
  Total 769,198

Mayo-Kebbi Est is one of the 22 regions of Chad and its capital is Bongor. It is composed by part of the former prefecture of Mayo-Kebbi (sub-prefectures of Bongor, Fianga and Gounou Gaya).


The region of Mayo-Kebbi East is divided into four departments:

Department Capital Sub-prefectures
Kabbia Gounou Gaya Gounou Gaya, Berem, Djodo Gassa
Mayo-Lémié Guelendeng Guelendeng, Katoa, Nanguigoto
Mayo-Boneye Bongor Bongor, Kim, Koyom, Rigaza, Ngam, Moulkou, Samga
Mont d'Illi Fianga Fianga, Tikem, Hollom Game, Kéra, Youé


The region's population had 495,339 inhabitants in 1993 and 769,198 in 2009 (RGPH).

The main ethnico-linguistic group are the Moussey, the Massa, the Tupuri, the Marba, the Kera, the Musgum and the Kim (Kim, Éré, Kolobo, Djoumane)


Agriculture, fishery.

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