Sila Region

Dar Sila

Map of Chad showing Sila.
Coordinates: 12°13′25″N 21°24′52″E / 12.22361°N 21.41444°E / 12.22361; 21.41444Coordinates: 12°13′25″N 21°24′52″E / 12.22361°N 21.41444°E / 12.22361; 21.41444
Country Chad
Departments 2
Sub-prefectures 10
Region 2008
Regional capital Goz Beïda
Population (2009)
  Total 289,776

Sila or Dar Sila[1] is a region of Chad which was created in 2008 from the Ouaddaï region's former departments of Sila and Djourf Al Ahmar.

The capital of the region is Goz Beïda.


The Sila region is divided into two departments:

Department Capital (chef-lieu) Sub-prefectures
Djourf Al Ahmar Am Dam Am Dam, Magrane, Haouich
Kimiti Goz Beïda Goz Beïda, Koukou-Angarana, Tissi, Adé, Mogororo, Kerfi, Moudeïna

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