Longinus Podbipięta

Longinus Podbipięta
The Trilogy character
Created by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Portrayed by Wiktor Zborowski
Gender Male
Religion Christianity
Nationality Lithuanian
The Death of Longinus Podbipieta

Longinus Podbipięta is a fictional character in the novel With Fire and Sword written by Henryk Sienkiewicz. He is a Lithuanian and his coat of arms is called "Zerwikaptur". He had vowed to remain chaste until he cut off three heads with one blow of his huge sword (of the same name as his coat of arms), like his ancestor did at the Battle of Grunwald. Podbipięta is a good natured and naive man and has a very deep faith in God. During the Siege of Zbarazh he finally fulfills his vows when during an attack he cuts off the heads of three Janissaries. However, soon afterward, he dies like a hero, killed by Tartars while making his way to king John II Casimir in order to bring help for troops in Zbarazh.

In Italian-French film Invasion 1700 (1962) he was portrayed by Bruno Nessi. In Jerzy Hoffman's film Podbipięta is portrayed by Wiktor Zborowski.


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