Paweł Jan Sapieha

Paweł Jan Sapieha
Coat of arms Lis
  • Zofia Zienowicz
  • Anna Barbara Kopeć
Noble family Sapieha
Father John Peter Sapieha
Mother Zofia Weiher
Born 1609
Died 29 December 1665 (aged 5556)
Różana (now Ruzhany, Belarus)

Paul John Sapieha (16091665) was a Polish–Lithuanian nobleman (szlachcic).

Sapieha became a Hussar Rotmistrz in 1633, courtier in 1635, Obozny of Lithuania in 1638, Podstoli of Lithuania in 1645, voivode of the Vitebsk Voivodeship in 1646, voivode of the Vilnius Voivodeship and Great Hetman of Lithuania in 1656.

He participated in the Battle of Berestechko against Cossacks in 1651. During "The Deluge" he dislodged the Swedish troops from Lublin, took part in the siege of Warsaw and captured Tykocin Castle in 1657. Together with Stefan Czarniecki, he defeated the Russian army at the Battle of Polonka in 1660.

He was a supporter of the vivente rege elections.

He married Zofia Zienowicz, with whom he had two children: Teodora Aleksandra Sapieha and Michał Sapieha. He later married Anna Barbara Kopeć and had eight more children: John Casimir Sapieha, Benedykt Paweł Sapieha, Franciszek Stefan Sapieha, Leon Bazyli Sapieha, Katarzyna Anna Sapieha, Konstancja Sapieha, Zofia Sapieha and Teresa Sapieha.


16. Bohdan Sapieha (+ aft.1511)
8. Iwan Sapieha (+1546)
17. Pss Teodora Drucka Babiczówna
4. Count Paweł Sapieha
18. Pr Andrzej Sanguszko
9. Pss Hanna Sanguszkówna (+1561)
19. Bohdana Odyncewiczówna
2. Prince Jan Piotr Sapieha
20. Aleksander Chodkiewicz (1457-1549)
10. Hrehory Chodkiewicz (+1572)
21. Pss Wasylissa Jaroslawowiczówna
5. Hanna Chodkiewiczówna
22. Pr Iwan Wisniowiecki
11. Katarzyna Wisniowiecka (+ bef.1580)
23. Nastazja Olizarowiczowna (+ca 1536)
1. Prince Paweł Jan Sapieha
3. Zofia Weiher
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