Lis coat of arms

Battle cry Lis, Orzy Orzy, Strzępacz
Alternative names Bzura, Sikora, Strępaca, Lisy, Murza, Vulpis
Earliest mention 1306 (seal)
Cities Jędrzejów, Rydzyna

Lis (Polish for "Fox") is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by many noble families of Clan Lis.

The legend of the coat of arms

In 1058 Duke Casimir I the Restorer while chasing the pagan Lithuanians and Yotvingians who devastated Polish lands, came to Sochaczew. He sent a knight of the Lis Clan (Fox Clan) to scout the region for enemies. When the knight came across a river he met a strong enemy unit. Unable to attack them alone, he decided immediately to shoot a lighted arrow into the air to call for reinforcements. Help arrived soon and defeated the enemies. A grateful Casimir granted the brave knight a new coat of arms with an arrow in the escutcheon and his former sign - the fox - was placed in the crest.

Notable bearers

Notable bearers of this coat of arms have included:


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