Stanislovas Kęsgaila

Stanislovas Kęsgaila Jonaitis (Polish: Stanisław Janowicz Kieżgajło) (died 1526) was a Lithuanian nobleman, son of Jonas Kęsgaila from the Kęsgailos family.

Stanislovas Kęsgaila was the Elder of Samogitia (1486–1522), Grand Hetman of Lithuania (1501–1502), castellan of Trakai (1499–1522) and Vilnius (1522–1526).[1] His main patrimonial property was in Kražiai.[2] Stanislovas was married three times to daughters of local nobles. He fathered three sons Mykolas, Jonas, and Stanislovas Kęsgaila and at least one daughter Barbara.[2]

In 1494, he signed a peace agreement with the Grand Duchy of Moscow. The treaty was reinforced with engagement of Grand Duke of Lithuania Alexander Jagiellon and Helen, daughter of Ivan III. As the groom was away in Lithuania, his role was performed by Stanislovas.[3] In 1505, he was expelled from the Lithuanian Council of Lords by Alexander Jagiellon for participation in the Union of Mielnik of 1501.[1]

He was interred at Vilnius Cathedral.


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