Andrzej Kmicic

Andrzej Kmicic
The Trilogy character
First appearance The Deluge
Last appearance Fire in the Steppe
Created by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Portrayed by Daniel Olbrychski
Nickname(s) Jędrek
Aliases Babinicz
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Aleksandra Billewiczówna
Religion Christian
Nationality Lithuanian

Andrzej Kmicic is best known as a fictional character created by Henryk Sienkiewicz featured in the novel The Deluge. He is a typical szlachcic (Polish-Lithuanian noble) from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; unruly yet patriotic. During the course of the books, he transforms from a villain to a hero.

The 1991–92 Copernicus Society translation by W.S. Kuniczak calls the character Andrei Kmita, rather than Andrzej Kmicic.[1]

The moral transformation of Kmicic is similar to the transformation of Prince Roman from Joseph Conrad's book.[2]


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