The Trilogy character
Created by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Portrayed by Daniel Olbrychski (Fire in the Steppe)
Nickname(s) Azja Tuhaj-bejowicz (Azja, son of Tuhaj-Bej) (before he confessed to be son of Tuhaj-bej he used surname "Mellechowicz")
Aliases Mellechowicz
Gender Male
Family Tuhaj-Bej (father)
Religion Muslim
Nationality Tartar

Azja (also Azja, son of Tuhaj-Bej) is a fictional character in the novel Fire in the Steppe by Henryk Sienkiewicz. He is an antagonist and the rival of Michał Wołodyjowski. He's a Tatar who wants to kidnap Barbara Jeziorkowska, settle some Crimean Tatars on the uninhabited regions of Ukraine to protect Poland's borders (like Zaporozhian Cossacks) and become a "Tatar hetman" in the service of the Polish Crown.

Although Azja is a fictional character, his father is a historical figure.

In Jerzy Hoffman's 1969 film adaptation, Azja is portrayed by Daniel Olbrychski.


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