Lê Thế Tông

Lê Thế Tông (chữ Hán: 黎世宗 born 1567, reigned 15731599), named Lê Duy Đàm (黎維潭) was the 13th emperor of the later Lê dynasty of Vietnam. He reigned only nominally, under the power of warlord Trịnh Tùng, who took King Lê Thế Tông to the Royal capital Đông Đô in 1593 marking the formal restoration of the Lệ Dynasty, but not allowing the emperor decision-making powers.[1]

Preceded by
Lê Anh Tông
King of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Lê Kính Tông


  1. A Brief Chronology of Vietnam's History Anh Thư Hà, Hồng Đức Trần - 2000 Page 116 "In February 1593, Trịnh Tùng took emperor Lê Thế Tông to Đông Đô, the Royal capital. While the cause of restoration of the Lệ Dynasty was completed, all decision-making powers remained in the hands of Trịnh Tùng and the Lê emperor merely ..."
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