Lê Thần Tông

Lê Thần Tông (chữ Hán: 黎神宗), birth name Lê Duy Kỳ (黎維祺) (1607–1662) was the sixth emperor of Vietnamese Lê Dynasty. He reigned from 1619–1643 following Lê Kính Tông, was interrupted by the reign of Lê Chân Tông 1643-1649, then reigned again 1649-1662 and was succeeded by Lê Huyền Tông. He was a figurehead emperor under Trịnh Lords Trịnh Tùng, who ruled 1570-1623, then Trịnh Tráng who ruled 1623-1657, and Trịnh Tạc who ruled 1657-1682.

At this time the country was still engaged in military campaigns against Champa.[1]


  1. Philip Taylor Modernity and Re-Enchantment: Religion in Post-Revolutionary Vietnam 2007 Page 163 "The Nguyễn dynasty's historical record Đại Nam Nhất Thống Chí has a story of Phi Vận Nguyên Phục, a general under Lê Thánh Tông (1460–97) in a campaign against Champa. He was executed for delaying supplies from the Tư Dung .."
Preceded by
Lê Kính Tông
Emperor of Đại Việt
1619–1643, 16491662
Succeeded by
Lê Huyền Tông

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