Lê Dụ Tông

Lê Dụ Tông (chữ Hán: 黎裕宗, 1679–1731) birth name Lê Duy Đường (黎維禟, 黎維禎) was an emperor of Vietnam, the 11th of the figurehead emperors of the later Lê dynasty warlord period. He reigned as emperor from 1705–1729 (24 năm), the first ten years of which his father Lê Hy Tông was alive and elevated in semi-retirement to Retired Emperor (Vietnamese: Thái thượng hoàng). He was succeeded by Lê Duy Phường, also known as the second emperor to carry the name Hôn Đức Công.[1][2]


He had including five sons. They are Lê Duy Phường, Lê Duy Mật, Lê Duy Quý, Lê Thuần Tông and Lê Ý Tông.

Preceded by
Lê Hy Tông
King of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Lê Duy Phường


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