Lê Hy Tông

Lê Hy Tông (chữ Hán: 黎熙宗; 1663–1716) born Lê Duy Cáp (黎維祫) also called Lê Duy Hiệp was an emperor of Vietnam. He reigned from 1675–1705 as emperor, then was succeeded by his son as king and reigned 1705–16 as Retired Emperor (Vietnamese: Thái thượng hoàng), and was the 10th of the figurehead emperors of the later Lê dynasty warlord period.[1]

Preceded by
Lê Gia Tông
King of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Lê Dụ Tông


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He had issue,inciuding two sons: Lê Dụ Tông and Lê Duy Chúc.

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