Lê Trung Tông (Early Lê)

For other uses, see Lê Trung Tông.
Lê Trung Tông
Emperor of Đại Cồ Việt
Predecessor Lê Đại Hành
Successor Lê Ngọa Triều
Full name
Lê Long Việt
Dynasty Anterior Lê Dynasty

Lê Trung Tông was the second emperor under the Anterior Lê Dynasty. He held the throne for only three days which was considered one of two shortest reigns in Vietnam's history, along with Dục Đức under the Nguyễn Dynasty.

He was born in 983 to Lê Đại Hành and Empress Diệu Nữ. His born name was Lê Long Việt (). He was one of ten princes of Lê Đại Hành. After the Crown Prince Long Thâu died, he was chosen as Crown Prince.

In 1005, after Lê Đại Hành died, the princes immediately contested over the throne. The conflicts between the royal princes led to the civil war between these princes for 8 months, the nation fell into anarchy. The main war was between the running crown prince and the oldest survived prince Long Ngân (the second prince in line to the thrown after former crown prince Long Thâu). In October 1005, Long Ngân was defeated and quickly fled to Thạch Hà area but he was captured and killed by locals. This enabled Long Việt ascend to the throne.

But after just three days, he was killed by an assassin sent by his brother another rival prince Lê Long Đĩnh. The assassin merely climbed over the wall, crept into the Emperor's chamber and killed him. The result this made Lê Long Đĩnh the surviving and undisputed claimant to the royal throne.

Preceded by
Lê Đại Hành
emperor of the Lê Dynasty
1005 (3 days )
Succeeded by
Lê Ngọa Triều
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