Jorge Avendaño Lührs

Jorge Avendaño
Birth name Jorge Avendaño Lührs
Occupation(s) Pianist, composer, songwriter and music producer.

Jorge Avendaño (born Jorge Avendaño Lührs) is a Mexican pianist, composer, songwriter and music producer.

He was written music for many telenovelas including the 1993 version of Corazón salvaje for which he wrote its theme song, as well as the theme song and music for Amarte Asi. He has produced albums for Ana Bárbara, Patricia Manterola and Edith Márquez, for which he wrote the song "Enamorada" that was featured in the film Y tu mamá también.


He has written songs and/or recorded a lot of top Latin artists, with such personalities as Plácido Domingo (Alborada, 2006), Sarah Brightman and Fernando Lima ("Passion" soap opera main title), Edith Márquez, Mijares, Ricardo Montaner, Los Nocheros, Carlos Cuevas, Pepe Aguilar, Pedro Fernández, Limite, Charlie Zaa, Francisco Cespedes, Cristian Castro, Barry Ivan White, Fabián Chávez, etc.

He has composed also classical music for symphony orchestra and small ensembles, and he is a prominent member of the Spanish Society of Authors and Composers (SGAE) since 1996.




Incidental music

Original score

Theme songs

Song Telenovela Year Performer
"Vivir a Destiempo" Vivir a Destiempo 2013 Aranza
"Quererte Así" Quererte Así 2012 Esmeralda Ugalde and Erick Sandoval
"Amor de Leyenda" La Mujer de Judas 2012 Dulce
"Emperatriz de mis sueños" Emperatriz 2011 Mónica Naranjo
"Ay Amor" Prófugas del Destino 2010 Claudia Sierra
"Las Leyes del Corazón" La Loba 2010 Ana Gabriel
"Vuélveme a Querer" Vuélveme a Querer 2009 Amaury Gutiérrez
"La Fuerza del Destino" Mujer Comprada 2009 Cynthia and Adrián Varela
"Eternamente Tuya" Eternamente tuya 2009 Claudia Sierra
"Pasión" Pasión 2007 Sarah Brightman and Fernando Lima
"Ladrón de Corazones" Ladrón de corazones 2003 Elefante
"¡Vivan los niños!" ¡Vivan los niños! 2002 OV7
"La Intrusa" La Intrusa 2001 Emmanuel
"Si He Sabido Amor" Infierno en el paraíso 1999 Alejandro Fernández
"Si tú Quisieras" Gente bien 1997 Patricia Manterola
"Amor Gitano" Amor Gitano 1999 Carlos Enrique Iglesias
"Corazón Salvaje" Corazón salvaje 1993 Mijares
"Gotita de amor" Gotita de amor 1998 Tatiana
"El Privilegio de Amar" El Privilegio de Amar 1998 Lucero & Mijares
"Morelia" Morelia 1995 Cristian Castro

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