Eternamente tuya

Eternamente Tuya
Developed by TV Azteca
Directed by Andrés Biermann
Starring Fernando Romero
Andrés Palacios
Marimar Vega
Khotan Fernandez
Verónica Merchant
Mario Zaragoza
Irene Arcilla
Marco Antonio Treviño
Sergio Klainer
Opening theme Eternamente Tuya by Claudia Sierra
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 135
Executive producer(s) Pedro Luévano
Martha Pérez Valdez
Producer(s) Oscar Guarín
Original network Azteca 13
Picture format Color
Original release January 12 – July 17, 2009
Preceded by Pobre Rico Pobre
Followed by Pobre Diabla

Eternamente Tuya (lit. Eternally Yours, international title: Forever Yours) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Oscar Guarín and Azteca, starring Fernanda Romero and Khotan Fernandez with Andrés Palacios and antagonistic participation of Verónica Merchant.


This is the story of two girls named Antonia and Sara. Antonia was a very enthusiastic child (wild child), although unwealthy,she was always happy and grew up with the love of their parents. Sara on the other hand was a poor child and after the death of her parents she was left to care for her aunty and uncle Humberto and Agueda. Both despite being so different were united by fate and became very good friends while they made a blood pact in which they promised each other to stay together forever. But Agueda, a woman of pride and bad feelings, also felt an immense hatred for Antonia, she tried to separate this pair of friends, sending Sara to study in a boarding school in Switzerland, who after her departure leaves the book "Romeo and Juliet " for Antonia. Antonia who is full of dreams hopes her best friend will someday find true love.

Over the years, Antonia and Sara turned 21 years if age. Antonia was in the town of San Nicolas expecting to meet her friend every evening near the road leading to San Nicolas, never imagining that one day she would live as a city woman, who worked in one of the most important oil company the country had. The people she met sang happily in the grass.One day, David approached Antonia, who ran away from him terrified.


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