La mujer de Judas (Mexican telenovela)

La Mujer de Judas

De esta leyenda, nacera un gran amor
Also known as Legendary Love
Genre Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Crime, Romance
Created by Martín Hahn
Developed by Azteca
Azteca Novelas:
Alberto Santini Lara
Elisa Salinas
Written by Martín Hahn
Gabriel Santos
Paz Aguirre
Directed by Enrique Pineda
Jose Acosta
Lorena Maza
Starring Anette Michel
Andrea Martí
Víctor González Reynoso
Mauricio Islas
Omar Fierro
Daniel Elbittar
Geraldine Bazan
Javier Gómez
Martha Mariana Castro
Betty Monroe
Niurka Marcos
Cecilia Piñeiro
Claudia Marín
Marta Verduzco
Ana María González
Theme music composer Jorge Avendaño Lührs
Opening theme "Amor de leyenda" by Dulce
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 165
Executive producer(s) Maria del Carmen Marcos Rojas
Producer(s) Jose Solano Rodriguez
Francisco Sosa
Location(s) Mexico City, Mexico
Los Angeles
Cinematography Ernesto Arreola
Martin Eduardo Sanchez
Jose Manuel Palacio Ortiz
Carlos Ruiz Torres
Editor(s) Miguel Angel Sanchez
Fernando Rodriguez Carrillo
Lorenzo Guerra
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 40-45 minutes
Production company(s) TV Azteca
Distributor Azteca Novelas
Original network Azteca 13/Azteca America
Picture format HDTV, 1080i on Azteca 13 HD
SDTV, 480i on Azteca 13
Original release 16 January – 31 August 2012
Preceded by Cielo Rojo
Followed by Los Rey
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La mujer de Judas (Legendary Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Maricarmen Marcos for Azteca. It is based on Venezuelan novela of the same name. It stars Anette Michel, Victor Gonzalez, and Andrea Marti. It replaced Cielo Rojo on 13 January 2012.[1] Adapted by Paz Aguirre and Gabriel Santos, this adaptation is supervised by the original writer, Martin Hahn.


A young lady was unjustly accused of a clergyman's murder. With that horrible crime, she was arrested and spent 23 years in prison. In the present day, a young lady has to figure out the real story behind the Priest's mysterious death. Suddenly, weird events start happening. A series of grisly and horrible murders is washed over the Del Toro residence. These murders are committed by an enigmatic figure whose face is hooded in a smeared wedding veil. Will Natalia find out who is the culprit and identify the real "La Mujer de Judas"?


Main cast

Actor Character Known as
Anette Michel Altagracia del Toro Callejas Berenice and Juan Vicente's daughter, accused of murdering Reverend Sebastian on her wedding day, was in love with Simon, spent 23 years in prison, one of the 6 Suspects of being La Mujer de Judas
Víctor González Reynoso Salomón Salvatierra Moises' son, in love with Natalia
Andrea Martí Natalia Leal (Natalia del Toro) Documentalist, Altagracia and Simon's daughter, in love with Salomón
Javier Gómez Marcos (Castellanos) Rojas Obsessed with Altagracia, brother of Reverend Sebastian and Simon; accidentally killed by Altagracia
Mauricio Islas Simon Castellanos Rojas Altragracia's fiancee who disappeared on their wedding day, Natalia's father, at the end stays with Altagracia
Omar Fierro Bruno Cervantes Lara Juan Vicente's confidante, seduces Altagracia to make her fall in love with him; stabbed to death by La Mujer de Judas
Daniel Elbittar Alirio Agüero del Toro Bello Cuquita and Julian's son, Ismael's brother, falls in love with Natalia, Emma's lover, hates Salomon, at the end disfigured by La Mujer de Judas; ends up in prison
Geraldine Bazan Emma Balmori Maricruz's daughter, Salomón's ex-fiancee, Alirio's lover, hates Natalia, at the end disfigured by La Mujer de Judas; ends up in prison
Sergio Klainer Buenaventura Briceño Narda's father, keeper of the secrets of Del Toro family; strangled to death by La Mujer de Judas
Martha Mariana Castro Joaquina "La Juaca" Leal Natalia's mother (not biological), Altagracia's bestfriend, one of the 6 suspects of being La Mujer de Judas
Marta Verduzco Berenice Callejas del Toro Altagracia's mother, Natalia's grandmother, hates the Salvatiera family, at the end revealed as the serial killer - La Mujer de Judas; strangled to death by Irene in prison
Betty Monroe Galilea Batista Juan Vicente's illegitimate daughter, ambitious, Leoncio's lover, but in love with Ernesto, one of the 6 suspects of being La Mujer de Judas
Niurka Marcos Ricarda Araujo Leoncio's wife, Cordelia's mother, had an affair with Juan Vicente, Casimiro's lover, one of the 6 suspects of being La Mujer de Judas; dies in the factory explosion after being trapped by La Mujer de Judas in the washroom
Cecilia Piñeiro Narda Briceño Buenaventura's daughter, Ernesto's fiancee, traumatized by her past, one of the 6 suspects of being La Mujer de Judas; strangled to death by La Mujer de Judas
Claudia Marín Refugio Cuca "Cuquita" Bello Casmimiro's wife, Alirio and Ismael's mother, Julian's ex-lover, one of the 6 suspects of being La Mujer de Judas; strangled to death by La Mujer de Judas
Alvaro Guerrero Casimiro Agüero del Toro Cuquita's husband, Aliro and Ismael's father, Ricarda's lover; ends up in a mental clinic
Mauricio Aspe Ernesto Yúnez Narda's ex-fiancee, in love with Galilea
Elvira Monsell Ursula Town's witch, Leoncio's aunt; killed by La Mujer de Judas
Nubia Marti Maricruz Emma's mother; killed by La Mujer de Judas
Paloma Quezada Priscila Natalia's friend; drowned by La Mujer de Judas.
Victor Civeira Comandante Romero Town's police detective, at the end resolved the mystery about La Mujer de Judas
Ana Maria Gonzalez Irene Berenice's nurse, accomplice of La Mujer de Judas; ends up in prison
Claudine Sosa Dulce Servando's wife, Zulamita's mother, works at Del Toro's mansion
Guillermo Quintanilla Servando Dulce's husband, Zulamita's father, works at Del Toro's mansion
Juan Vidal Leoncio Ricarda's husband, Cordelia's father, Galilea's ex-lover
Payin Cejudo Santia Juaca's friend, works at Del Toro's mansion
Simon Guevara Fonsy Police officer
Maria Luisa Garza Laila Altagracia's friend, works in the prison
Vampiro Dragon Bruno's accomplice; killed by him
Regina Murguía Cordelia Manzur Ricarda and Leoncio's daughter, has a crush on Pancho
Melissa Barrera Zulamita Dulce and Servando's daughter, has a crush on Ismael
Ramiro Delelis Pancho Cañero Salomon's friend
Israel Cuenca Ismael Agüero del Toro Cuquita and Casimiro's younger son, Alirio's brother, painter
Iván Esquivel René Muzquiz Cordelia's friend, likes her
Gregory Kauffmann Jean Michel Emma's lover, French inversionist; buried alive by La Mujer de Judas
Tamara Fascovich
José Eduardo Ochoa Carlos Cervantes Bruno's son
Ligia Escalante Chencha
Ana Elia Garcia Meche
Metzli Adamina Honoria
Sylvia Mejia
Carilu Navarro Domitilia
Fania Barron Susana

Secondary cast

Actor Character Known as
Ramón Medina Meliton
Margarita Gralia Lucrecia de Sosa Priscila's mother, Special appearance
Dulce Herself[2] Cameo appearance
Romina Castro Carmen Forensic anthropologist
Marta Aura Mother of Sebastián, Simon and Marcos
Luis Cárdenas Juan Vicente del Toro
Miguel Sánchez Sebastián Castellanos Rojas Priest, Simon and Marcos' brother; killed by La Mujer De Judas
Fernando Sensores Rodrigo
Raquel Saba
Irene Arcila Josefa Rodrigo's mother
Mayela Barrera Natalia Leal Young Natalia
Pedro Mira Julián Morera Altagracia's ex-fiancee, Cuquita's ex-lover; killed by La Mujer De Judas


Anette Michel was the first to cast in La Mujer de Judas. Mauricio Ochmann, Manolo Cardona, Daniel Elbittar and Victor Gonzalez auditioned for the roles of Salomon and Alirio. Carla Hernández auditioned for two roles, Emma and Natalia, but eventually failed in both characters. Curiously, Hernandez and Ochmann became the protagonist of Telemundo's Rosa Diamante. Christian Meier auditioned for the role of Marcos, but was replaced by Javier Gomez. Later, the producers cast him for the role of Simon, however the role landed on Mauricio Islas. Peruvian actress Saby Kamalich was originally cast as Berenice, where she was seen in the promos, but on the first day of filming, she was absent and eventually rejected the role due to health problem. Marta Verduzco was selected and it marks her return to telenovelas, after being absent nearly a decade in the industry.


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