La intrusa (Mexican telenovela)

For the 1964 telenovela, see La intrusa (1964 telenovela).
La intrusa
Created by Inés Rodena
Written by Carlos Romero
Directed by Beatriz Sheridan
Starring Gabriela Spanic
Arturo Peniche
Laura Zapata
Chantal Andere
Sergio Sendel
Karla Álvarez
Dominika Paleta
Guillermo García Cantú
Theme music composer Jorge avendaño
Opening theme "Intrusa" by Emmanuel
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 135[1]
Executive producer(s) Ignacio Sada
Cinematography Ricardo Navarrete
Editor(s) Alfredo Frutos Maza
Simón Castañón
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Original release April 16 – October 19, 2001
Preceded by Mujer bonita
Followed by Salomé
Related shows Valentina (1975)
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La Intrusa (English title: The Outsider)[2] is a Mexican telenovela produced by Ignacio Sada for Televisa. It is a remake of the Venezuela telenovela Valentina, produced in 1975.

Gabriela Spanic (in dual role) and Arturo Peniche star as the protagonists, while Laura Zapata, Chantal Andere, Sergio Sendel and Dominika Paleta star as the antagonists.


Rodrigo Junquera, who is close to death after a long illness, decides to ask the nanny of his young child, Virginia Martínez, to marry him so she can look after his children when he will be gone.

Virginia is a noble young woman who is in love with the eldest son of Rodrigo, Carlos Alberto. When it is discovered that Virginia is the wife of Rodrigo and after his death, the heir of all his wealth, Carlos Alberto accuse her, along with his brothers, to be an interested who married in secret with Rodrigo by ambition.

Then begins an ordeal for Virginia who has to deal not only with the contempt of Carlos Alberto, who is still in love with her, but with the rudeness of Junior, Raquel and Violeta, Rodrigo's oldest children. Fortunately, with the love of Aldo and Memo, the little ones, it make her a little better coping with the existence within the mansion.

Meanwhile, in another part of the country, a young woman named Vanessa is dedicated to deceive millionaires in order to get their fortune, eager to get out of the miserable life she leads. She is the twin sister of Virginia, which has distanced itself so that their relationship is almost nil.

Beset by debt, Vanessa travels one day to Mexico where she meets Carlos Alberto, which she falls in love. He, however, despite being a physical clone of Virginia, Vanessa despises for his rudeness and impudence and even just missing her.

Virginia and Carlos Alberto married, but after a series of fainting and loss of vision, Virginia discovers she have a cancer that is inoperable. At the same time, the medical findings confirm that she is pregnant, but by bringing the baby into the world can hasten the time of her fatal outcome. Virginia, ignoring the doctor's advice, decides to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Blind and with the tumor extending inevitably, Virginia manages to give birth to a beautiful girl, but she died after. The news of the death of her sister and the birth of her niece reach the ears of Vanessa, which decides to refined and go to Mexico to avenge all the slights Virginia suffered and to take care of her niece.



Also main

  • Silvia Manríquez as Elena Roldán de Martínez
  • José María Torre as Aldo Junquera Brito
  • Sherlyn as Maricruz Roldán Limantour
  • Marlene Favela as Guadalupe "Lupita" Rojas
  • Claudio Báez as Alirio de Jesús Roldán
  • Jan as Johnny
  • Yessica Salazar as Tania Rivadeneyra Elias
  • Esther Rinaldi as Edith
  • Jorge De Silva as Raymundo
  • Marco Uriel as Santiago Islas
  • Alejandro Ruiz as Juvencio Menchaca
  • Diana Golden as Zayda Jimenez
  • Silvia Derbez as Sagrario Vargas (#1)
  • Bárbara Gil as Sagrario Vargas (#2)
  • Enrique Lizalde as Rodrigo Junquera / Hilario Santos
  • Roberto "Puck" Miranda as Arnulfo Castillo
  • Uberto Bondoni as Humberto Nava
  • Claudio Rojo as Joaquín Velarde
  • Milagros Rueda as Diosa
  • Julio Monterde as Dr. José "Pepe" Cartaya
  • Sergio Villicana as Guillermo "Memo" Junquera Brito
  • Sara Montes as Balbina

Special participation

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2002 El Heraldo de México Awards[3] Best Actor Arturo Peniche Won
Best Female Revelation Marlene Favela Won


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