Izz al-Din Husayn

Izz al-Din Husayn
Malik of the Ghurid dynasty
Reign 1100-1146
Predecessor Qutb al-din Hasan
Successor Sayf al-Din Suri
Born Ghor
Died 1146
House Ghurid
Father Qutb al-din Hasan
Religion Sunni Islam

Izz al-Din Husayn (Persian: عز الدین حسین) was the king of the Ghurid dynasty. He was succeeded by his father Qutb al-din Hasan in 1100. When Husayn ascended the Ghurid throne, his kingdom was in chaos. However, he managed to restore peace, and strengthen his kingdom. During Husayn's late reign, the Seljuq sultan Ahmad Sanjar invaded his domains, defeated him, and captured him. However, Sanjar later released Husayn in return for sending tribute to him. After Husayn's death in 1146, he was succeeded by his son Sayf al-Din Suri. Husayn also had 6 other sons who later divided the Ghurid kingdom among themselves.[1]


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Preceded by
Qutb al-din Hasan
Malik of the Ghurid dynasty
Succeeded by
Sayf al-Din Suri
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