Baha al-Din Sam III

Baha al-Din Sam III
Sultan of the Ghurid dynasty
Reign 1212–1213
Predecessor Ghiyath al-Din Mahmud
Successor Ala al-Din Atsiz
Born Ghor
Died 1213
House Ghurid
Father Ghiyath al-Din Mahmud
Religion Sunni Islam

Baha al-Din Sam III (Persian: بهاء الدین سام), was Sultan of the Ghurid dynasty from 1212 to 1213. He was the son and successor of Ghiyath al-Din Mahmud.


Baha al-Din Sam III was the son of Ghiyath al-Din Mahmud, who was assassinated in 1212. After Ghiyath's assassination, Baha al-Din Sam III ascended the Ghurid throne. One year later, however, he was carried by the Khwarazmian-Shahs to Khwarezm.[1] He was then succeeded by his relative Ala al-Din Atsiz.


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Preceded by
Ghiyath al-Din Mahmud
Sultan of the Ghurid dynasty
Succeeded by
Ala al-Din Atsiz
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