Abbas ibn Shith

Abbas ibn Shith
Malik of the Ghurid dynasty
Reign 1035-1060
Predecessor Abu Ali ibn Muhammad
Successor Muhammad ibn Abbas
Born Ghor
Died 1060
House Ghurid
Father Shith
Religion Sunni Islam

Abbas ibn Shith was the king of the Ghurid dynasty. He overthrew his uncle Abu Ali ibn Muhammad in 1035, and ascended the Ghurid throne. During his later reign, the nobles of Ghor requested aid from the Ghaznavid sultan Ibrahim, who marched towards Ghor and deposed Abbas ibn Shith.[1] Abbas was succeeded by his son Muhammad ibn Abbas, who agreed to pay tribute to the Ghaznavids.


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Preceded by
Abu Ali ibn Muhammad
Malik of the Ghurid dynasty
Succeeded by
Muhammad ibn Abbas
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