Ala al-Din Ali

Ala al-Din Ali
Sultan of the Ghurid dynasty
Reign 1214-1215
Predecessor Ala al-Din Atsiz
Successor Khwarazmian conquest
Born Ghor
Died 13th-century
House Ghurid
Father Shuja al-Din Muhammad
Mother Malek-ye Hajji
Religion Sunni Islam

Ala al-Din Ali (Persian: علاء الدین دراست), also known as Zia al-Din (ضیاء الدین), was the last Sultan of the Ghurid dynasty from 1214 to 1215. He was the cousin and successor of Ala al-Din Atsiz.


Ala al-Din Atsiz was the son Shuja al-Din Muhammad and a princess known as Malek-ye Hajji. During his early years, Ala al-Din Ali was appointed as governor of Khorasan in ca. 1199/1200 by his cousin Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad. Ghiyath later died in 1202, and was succeeded by his brother Mu'izz al-Din Muhammad, who shortly appointed Ala al-Din Ali as the governor of Ghur, Gharchistan and Zamindawar. Ala al-Din Ali later lead a campaign against the Ismailis in Quhistan.

After the death of Mu'izz al-Din Muhammad in 1206, Ala al-Din Ali was dismissed by the new Sultan Ghiyath al-Din Mahmud, who had him imprisoned in a fortress in Gharchistan. Ala al-Din Ali, however, was later freed by the ghulam Tajuddin Yildoz, who crowned him as the Sultan of the Ghurid dynasty. After a year Tajuddin Yildoz was forced to surrender Firuzkuh to the Khwarazmian dynasty, and Ala al-Din Ali was captured by a Khwarazmian army and was brought to Khwarazm, where he lived in an honorable exile in Khwarazm. Ala al-Din Ali died a few years later.


Preceded by
Ala al-Din Atsiz
Sultan of the Ghurid dynasty
Succeeded by
Khwarazmian conquest
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