Casa de Correos y Telegrafos

The building

The Casa de Correos y Telegrafos is the central post office of the city of Lima, Peru. The building is located in the Historic center of Lima near the Plaza Mayor. The building was constructed in 1897 in a French architectural style. Additionally, the building houses the National Postal and Philatelic Museum. Besides displaying exhibits relating to postal service, the museum showcases exhibits relating to Limean history. The building is located along Piura street and its interior is lined with shops. Its facade contains a clock, and a bronze lion depicted with its snout open and devouring correspondence. The building occupies an area of 6,537 square meters.


Coordinates: 12°02′40″S 77°01′52″W / 12.0445°S 77.0312°W / -12.0445; -77.0312

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