Autonomy Liberty Participation Ecology

Autonomy Liberty
Participation Ecology

Autonomie, Liberté,
Participation, Écologie
President Alexis Vallet[1]
Founded January 2010
Merger of RV, VdA, AVdA
Headquarters via Trottechien, 59
11100 Aosta, Italy
Ideology Regionalism
Social democracy
Green politics
Social liberalism
Political position Centre-left
National affiliation Autonomy Liberty Democracy
European affiliation European Free Alliance
International affiliation none
European Parliament group no MEPs
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73
Council of the Valley
5 / 35

Autonomy Liberty Participation Ecology (French: Autonomie, Liberté, Participation, Écologie, ALPE) is a regionalist[2] political party active in Aosta Valley, Italy, whose progressive ideology mixes elements of social democracy,[2] green politics[2] and social liberalism. The party, which is a member of the European Free Alliance,[3] is one of the main components of Autonomy Liberty Democracy (ALD), the coalition of the Valdostan centre-left.


ALPE was founded in January 2010 by the merger of five groups:[4][5][6][7]

Carlo Perrin, a former senator, was elected first co-ordinator, later president, of the party.[8]

In the 2013 Italian general election, both ALD candidates (ALPE's Patrizia Morelli stood for the Senate) were defeated.[9][10]

In the 2013 regional election ALPE obtained 12.4% of the vote and 5 seats in the Regional Council.[11][12]



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