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Several political parties operate in Aosta Valley, Italy. No one party has ever had the chance of gaining power alone (even if the Valdostan Union is by far the largest party) and thus parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.


In the 2013 regional election Aosta Valley's party system was organized into four political coalitions:

In 2014 the Autonomist Federation ceased to exist.[1][2] In 2015 the regional government, led by Augusto Rollandin since 2008 and composed of the Valdostan Union and Edelweiss, was enlarged to the centre-left Democratic Party (PD).[3] In 2016 the government was joined also by the Progressive Valdostan Union (UVP),[4][5] a splinter group from UV, which was then headed toward a full-scope réunion with the mother party. The future of coalitions is thus uncertain.

In November 2016 two regional councillors, including former senator Antonio Fosson, left the party in disagreement with President Rollandin and launched For Our Valley (PNV),[6] which was immediately admitted into the coalition supporting the regional government,[7] while forming a strong partnership with the UVP and SA.[8]

Regionalist parties

Several regionalist parties operate in Aosta Valley and, in the 2013 regional election, they obtained 80.4% of the vote.

This is a list of current and former regionalist parties active in Aosta Valley.

Current parties

Former parties


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