Great Autonomies and Freedom

Great Autonomies and Freedom
Grandi Autonomie e Libertà
Founded 20 March 2013
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
14 / 315

Great Autonomies and Freedom (Italian: Grandi Autonomie e Libertà, GAL) is a miscellaneous and highly heterogeneous, mainly centre-right, regionalist and Christian-democratic, parliamentary group active in the Italian Senate.[1]

The group was formed in March 2013 by senators elected with The People of Freedom (PdL) and Lega Nord (LN) to counterbalance the For the Autonomies group, a centre-left outfit allied with the Democratic Party (PD).[2][3]

In the following years, the group changed its scope, as several of its members started to support the Renzi Cabinet, and, almost completely, its composition: the LN members returned to their home group, most PdL/Forza Italia members switched to other parties and groups (in July 2015, in particular, five senators left to join a fully pro-Renzi group, the Liberal Popular Alliance – Autonomies), and senators of different ideological and electoral backgrounds joined (including, for some time, members of the Federation of the Greens and Italy of Values, both left-leaning). As a result, after several changes in its denomination, as of February 2016, the group's full name is Great Autonomies and Freedom (Great South, Populars for Italy, Moderates, Italy Base Movement, IdeA, Alternative for Italy, Euro-Exit, Libertas Political Movement).[1]

Current composition

As of February 2016, the group's composition is as follows:[1]


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