Reality Italy

Reality Italy
Realtà Italia
President Giacomo Olivieri
Founded March 2013
Ideology Regionalism
European affiliation none
International affiliation none
European Parliament group no MEPs

Reality Italy (Italian: Realtà Italia, RI) is a regional centrist political party active in Italy's mainland South.

The party was formed in March 2013 by Giacomo Olivieri, a regional councillor in Apulia, upon the break-up of Moderates and Populars, a regional party.[1] Many high-ranking members of RI (notably including Elio Belcastro and Arturo Iannaccone) are supplied by Autonomy South, with which RI signed a federative pact.[2] In 2013 RI established close ties with Pino Arlacchi MEP,[3] member of the Democratic Party (PD) and former member of PCI, DS and IdV.

In the 2013 regional election in Basilicata the party, which supported Democrat Marcello Pittella, obtained 5.9% of the vote and one councillor, Paolo Galante.[4][5] In the 2014 municipal election in Bari Olivieri came second in the primary with 42% of the vote[6] and the party won 5.5% of the vote in the general election.[7]

In 2015 RI formed a federation with the Democratic Centre (CD).[8] In the regional election in Apulia the alliance was enlarged with the inclusion of the Union of the Centre (UdC):[9][10][11] the CD–RI–UdC list, which supported PD's Michele Emiliano for President, won 5.9% of the vote and three regional councillors,[12] none of whom from the RI's fold.[13]



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