S.S. Monopoli 1966

Full name Società Sportiva Monopoli 1966
Founded 1958
1995 (refounded)
2003 (refounded)
2010 (refounded)
Ground Stadio Vito Simone Veneziani,
Monopoli, Italy
Ground Capacity 6,880
Chairman Enzo Mastronardi
Manager Diego Zanin
League Lega Pro
2014–15 Serie D/H, 11th (promoted)

Società Sportiva Monopoli 1966 is an Italian association football club from Monopoli, Apulia. Currently, it plays in Lega Pro.


The football in Monopoli

A.C. Monopoli

Former AC Monopoli logo

The origins of football in Monopoli go back to 1958 when was founded A.C. Monopoli. After winning Eccellenza Apulia in the 2004–05 season[note 1] it has played in Serie D/H for the 2005–06 season obtaining the promotion to Serie C2[note 2] where it played the 4 seasons following. The team did not enter Lega Pro Seconda Divisione in June 2010 and restarted from Terza Categoria.[note 3]

From A.S. Liberty Monopoli to S.S. Monopoli 1966

A.S. Liberty Monopoli
Former LIberty Monopoli logo

A new club was founded in the summer 2010 as A.S. Liberty Monopoli, after the relocation of Eccellenza club A.S.D. Liberty Bari 1909 from Bari to Monopoli.

In the 2011–12 season the team was promoted from Eccellenza Apulia to Serie D.

S.S. MonosPolis and Società Sportiva Monopoli 1966

In the summer 2012 the club was renamed S.S. MonosPolis, then in 2014 Società Sportiva Monopoli 1966[1][2][3]

In the 2014–15 season won the Coppa Italia Serie D and was the finalist of the nation play off of Serie D; in the summer 2015 it was admitted to Lega Pro for involvement in the sporting fraud.

Colors and badge

Its colors are white and green.



  1. with a claimed world record of 102 points, surpassed only in 2008 by Championnat de France amateur semi-professional team Croix-de-Savoie – now named Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C. – that scored 108 points
  2. defeating Celano in the playoff finals after the second place in the eague
  3. the lowest level of the italian football
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