Siracusa Calcio (2013 club)

For historical club, see A.S. Siracusa and U.S. Siracusa.
Logo of Siracusa Calcio
Full name Siracusa Calcio S.r.l.
Nickname(s) Azzurri (All-Blues),
  • 1954 in Palazzolo
  • 2013 (relocation to Syracuse)
Ground Stadio Nicola De Simone, Syracuse
Ground Capacity 5,946[1]
Chairman Gaetano Cutrufo
Manager Andrea Sottil
League Lega Pro
2015–16 Serie D/I, 1st (promoted)

Siracusa Calcio S.r.l.[2] is an Italian football club based in Syracuse, Sicily. (Italian: Siracusa, Sicilia) The club currently plays in Lega Pro, the third-tier of Italy.

Sport Club Siracusa relocated to Syracuse from Palazzolo Acreide in 2013 to replace A.S.D. Città di Siracusa, an illegitimate phoenix club of U.S. Siracusa which itself was another illegitimate phoenix club of A.S. Siracusa. U.S. Siracusa and S.C. Siracusa had a derby in youth football in 2013–14 season. After the season S.C. Siracusa was renamed into A.S.D. Città di Siracusa, and changed to current name Siracusa Calcio S.r.l. circa 2016.

The holder of the assets of now defunct A.S. Siracusa, Amici del Siracusa, denied S.C. Siracusa to use the logo of A.S. Siracusa in 2013–14 season; in 2014–15 season no club submit the bid to Amici del Siracusa for the temporary rights to use the logo either.

The legal address of the club was located in 120 via Monte Grappa, Syracuse.



The club located in Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily was founded in 1954 as Associazione Calcio Palazzolo Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica.

In July 2006, Xiridia 96 Floridia was merged with Palazzolo.[3]

Palazzolo has taken part in Serie D 3 times. The first participation in Serie D was in the 2007–08 season (as 2007 promotion playoffs winner) in which it was relegated the next year.

The club was promoted to the Serie D after winning the group B of Eccellenza Sicily in the 2010–11 season, but was relegated back in Eccellenza at the end of the 2012-13 Serie D season.

Relocation to Siracusa

In 2013 Palazzolo (registration number: 917156) relocated to Siracusa as A.S.D. Sport Club Siracusa, in order to replace A.S.D. Città di Siracusa ( 936289), which was an illegitimate phoenix club of U.S. Siracusa.[4][5] At the same time, a new team was refound in Palazzolo Acreide as A.S.D. Sport Club Palazzolo ( 937886), which played in Promozione, by splitting the FIGC membership of C.S.D. Enzo Grasso, a local Syracuse team now plays in 5-a-side football only.[6] However, the usage of the historic logo of A.S. Siracusa 1924 by S.C. Siracusa, was denied by Amici del Siracusa, an association that currently owned the rights to use it.[7]

S.C. Siracusa had a derby with U.S. Siracusa in the youth level in 2013–14 season, which the under-17 team of S.C. Siracusa finished as the second from the bottom in the Group E of Sicilian Allievi League.[8] At the end of season the under-17 team relegated to provincial league, while U.S. Siracusa closed their youth department. The first team of S.C. Siracusa finished as the third place of the Group B of 2013–14 Eccellenza Sicily. The club lost to Misterbianco in the final of the promotion playoffs.

In 2014 S.C. Siracusa also renamed to A.S.D. Città di Siracusa, retaining the same registration number of S.C. Siracusa (and A.C. Palazzolo A.S.D.).[9] The club won Eccellenza Sicily in 2015, after 2 seasons in the league.

New Siracusa promoted to Lega Pro at the end of 2015–16 Serie D as the Group I winner. The club was also incorporated as Siracusa Calcio S.r.l. circa 2016.

Colours and badge

The colours of the team are sky blue and white.


First team squad

As of 18 August 2016 [10]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Italy GK Antonio Santurro
2 Italy Antonio Orefice
3 Italy Pietro Dentice
4 Italy MF Davide Baiocco
5 France DF Abdelaye Diakité
6 Italy Marco Turati
7 Argentina FW Lucas Longoni
8 Italy Carmine Giordano
9 Italy Falou Samb
10 Italy Emanuele Catania
11 Italy Giuseppe Fella
12 Italy Daniel Serenari
No. Position Player
13 Italy Giuseppe Savanarola
14 Argentina MF Fernando Spinelli
15 Italy Ange Tresor Dezai
16 Italy Simone Milizia
17 Italy Alfredo Santamaria
18 Italy Nicola Talamo
19 Italy Nicola Valente
20 Italy Matteo Brumat
21 Italy Alessandro Degrassi
22 Italy Riccardo D'Alessandro
23 Italy Marco Palermo
24 Italy Luca Marullo

Notable former players


As A.C. Palazzolo A.S.D.
  • Winners (1): 2010–11
As A.S.D. Città di Siracusa / Siracusa Calcio
  • Winners (1): 2015–16 (Group stage)
  • Winners (1): 2014–15


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