1926–27 Seconda Divisione

The 1926–27 Seconda Divisione was the third level league of the 27th Italian football championship.

In 1926 the Carta di Viareggio reformed the Italian football's organization. With the creation of the new Divisione Nazionale championship (headquarters in Milan), the second level took the name of Prima Divisione, and the third level became the Seconda Divisione.

Seconda Divisione was divided in two leagues, the Northern League (headquarters in Genoa) of three groups, and the Southern League (headquarters in Rome) of four groups. 30 teams competed in the north league while 28 teams competed in the southern league. The winners of any group of Northern league were promoted. The winners of any group of Southern league qualified to the final group. The winner of the final group was promoted.

However, following numerous bankruptcies that involved every southern team in Prima Divisione (second level) except the Puglia's teams, were later promoted in Prima Divisione also Savoia and Tivoli. The other teams of the Second Division Southern League refused to be admitted in Prima Divisione.

Northern League

Group C

Group C Pt
2.Edera Trieste 27
3.Vicenza 22
4.Petrarca Padova 19
5.Faenza 19
6.Pro Gorizia 18
7.Fiumana 15
8.Pordenone 15
9.Dolo 14
10.Copparese 1

Southern League

Group B

Umbria and Lazio Pt
1.TERNI 19
2.US Romana 16
3.Ardita RM 13
4.Vittoria RM 10
5.Civitavecchia 9
5.Juventus RM 9
7.Tivoli 8

Group C

Campania Pt
2.Maddalonese 15
2.Stabiese 15
4.Scafatese 11
5.Aversana 9
5.Campania 9
7.Cavese 3

Group D

Sicilia and Calabria Pt
2.Gargallo 17
3.Umberto I 11
3.Littorio Stadium 11
5.Peloro 9
6.Vigor PA 7
7.Reggio 6

Southern League Finals

Final Group Pt
1.Savoia 9
3.Messinese 4
4.Tiferno 2

Promotion playoff in Rome:TERNANA-Savoia 1-0

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