Prima Categoria

Prima Categoria
Country Italy
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1959
Divisions 105
Number of teams 1,680
Level on pyramid 7
Promotion to Promozione
Relegation to Seconda Categoria

Prima Categoria is a level of football in Italy. It is the seventh level (since 2014–15) in the Italian football league system and is organized by the National Amateur League by the Regional Committees. Each individual league winner within the Prima Categoria level progresses to their closest regional league in the Promozione level. Depending on each league's local rules, a number of teams each year are relegated from each league, to the eighth level of Italian football, the Seconda Categoria.

This level of Italian football is completely amateur and is run on a regional level.


Originally, the first category was the equivalent of the Serie A, until 1922 this was in fact the official name of the Italian top division. Below is the list of winners of the First Category.

With the reform of the Pro League before the 2014-2015 season in which the Lega Pro Prima Divisione and Lega Pro Seconda Divisione were unified restoring Serie C as the new third national level, the championship became the seventh national level, but remained the third highest regional competition.


Established recently in 1959, is organized by regional committees of the FIGC, and therefore does not have a predefined structure. The number of rounds in which the league is at the regional level varies, as does the number of teams participating in each league, today seconds (source) teams in the first category are 1686.


The promoted teams go in and promotion are the winners of their group. Varies from region to region, there is a mechanism that allows the playoffs to winning teams to be included in a list that would result (in case of vacancies) in Promozione.


The reduction relegated to the Seconda Categoria.

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