Campionato Nazionale Dante Berretti

Campionato Nazionale Dante Berretti (or simply Campionato Berretti) is an Italian football competition played by youth teams (under 19) of Serie C clubs, organized by the Professional League. Serie A, Serie B and Serie D clubs are admitted after request (though Serie A and Serie B clubs usually enrol U-18 teams, while their U-19 plays in the Campionato Primavera). The first edition was held in the 1966-67 season for Serie C clubs only, but the competition was opened to other series' clubs in the 1968/69; since there the championship awarded multiple winning trophies, usually one for Serie C champion and one for the other categories' champion. From 1996-97 to 2003-04 only one winner was awarded.


In 2011–12 season the age limited was age 19 (calendar age) at the end of competition (born on or after 1 January 1993), one year below Primavera (born 1992).[1] In 2012–13 Primavera had changed its age limited to age 19 (calendar age) at the end of competition, matching Berretti's 19.[2]

Past winners

Torneo "Dante Berretti"

Year Serie C champion Serie A/B champion Serie D champion
1966/67 Casertana
1967/68 Internapoli
1968/69 Salernitana Sangiovannese
1969/70 Novara Mestrina
1970/71 Verbania Trevigese
1971/72 Pisa Milan Astimacombi
1972/73 Padova Bologna Velletri Roma
1973/74 Imperia Torino Cremonese
1974/75 Padova Torino Montebelluna
1975/76 Cremonese Fiorentina Conegliano
1976/77 Giulianova Lazio Forlì
1977/78 Marsala Torino Conegliano
1978/79 Como Fiorentina Irpinia
1979/80 Teramo Inter Sulmona
1980/81 Juve Stabia Torino Irpinia
1981/82 Carrarese Milan
1982/83 Montebelluna Milan
1983/84 Giulianova Inter
1984/85 Giulianova Milan
1985/86 Lodigiani Roma Torino
1986/87 Angizia Luco Avellino
1987/88 Trento Torino
1988/89 R.M. Firenze Torino
1989/90 Lucchese Milan
1990/91 Carpi Inter
1991/92 Catanzaro Torino

Campionato Nazionale Juniores Torneo "Dante Berretti"

Year Serie A/B/D champion Serie C champion
1992/93 Cosenza Leffe
1993/94 Milan Nola
1994/1995 Cesena Leffe
1995/96 Avellino Lodigiani

Campionato Nazionale "Dante Berretti"

Year Serie A/B/D champion Serie C champion
1996/97 Casarano
1997/98 Lodigiani
1998/99 Siena
1999/00 Battipagliese
2000/01 Palermo
2001/02 Juventus
2002/03 Reggiana
2003/04 Juventus
2004/05 Juventus Napoli
2005/06 Atalanta Giulianova
2006/07 Torino Perugia
2007/08 final stages not played Pro Sesto
2008/09 Milan Benevento
2009/10 Atalanta Novara
2010/11 Napoli Virtus Entella
2011/12 Inter Frosinone Calcio
2012/13 Atalanta Latina
2013/14 Torino

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