Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy (1731–1735)

Prince Emanuele Filiberto
Duke of Aosta

Portrait of Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta by Unknown (probably Maria Giovanna Clementi).
Born (1731-05-17)17 May 1731
Royal Palace, Turin
Died 23 April 1735(1735-04-23) (aged 3)
Royal Palace, Turin
Burial Royal Basilica, Turin
Full name
Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia
House Savoy
Father Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia
Mother Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg

Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy (Emanuele Filiberto; 17 May 1731 23 April 1735) was a prince of Savoy and Duke of Aosta.[1] He was born in the reign of his father Charles Emmanuel III, King of Sardinia.


Prince Emanuele Filiberto was born at the Royal Palace of Turin, Turin. He was the second son of Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia and his second wife Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg, and he was styled as the Duke of Aosta from birth until his death.

His maternal cousins included Victor Amadeus, Prince of Carignano and his younger sister the future princesse de Lamballe, both of whom were born at the court of Savoy. His paternal cousins included Ferdinand VI of Spain,[2] who was king of Spain at the time of her birth.

Prince Emanuele died the 23 April 1735, at the age of 3.


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